Windows 2003 Server Service and dependecies partial failure

Almost stumped.  I have a large, single domain AD with 4 DCs.  I'm  using integrated DNS, throughout.
About two weeks ago, I started experiencing, on various 2003 servers, the "Server" services and related dependencies dying.  In a few instances, when trying to start the service manually, I got "access denied".  A reboot would at least allow me to then start it manually.  Out of about 50 servers, this is happening to about 10 so far, where the Server service just stops.  Nothing in the event logs is helping.  Anyone else experiencing this?  Been running fine for 8 years, now, this.
I and the other tech are pouring over everything, can't fine a real answer.  The Server service that is dying is the local service, but I'm suspecting AD is jacked somehow.  Any clues would be highly appreciated. None of the XP / Win 7 workstations seem to be affected.  Just Server 2003, from R2 to Standard.
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Kent WSr. Network / Systems AdminAsked:
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ashutoshsapreConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Were the servers updated recently? Uninstall those patches and see if it helps.
If you can then also run a virus scan on the servers.

Also refer to the link below and see if it helps:

The Service Host process may stop unexpectedly in Windows Server 2003
Kent WSr. Network / Systems AdminAuthor Commented:
I think you just saved my life.  Updating / truncating *nix based domain server strings.
I'll holler back after we let it run a while.

Kent WSr. Network / Systems AdminAuthor Commented:
I've made all the associated corrections and patches to all servers (almost 100), and so far, so good.
But, it's the weekend.  I'll keep you posted, but I've got a good feeling about this one...
Kent WSr. Network / Systems AdminAuthor Commented:
Saved my bacon.  Thanks!
Anytime :)
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