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Installing Access 2007 runtime fails

Have got a Access 2007 database which I have packaged and sent to a user who has administrator rights on a machine running Windows 2003.  There is no version of Access installed.

All of the installation routines appear to work fine: the files are copied, additional registry keys added, icons and shortcuts established, etc, etc, etc, EXCEPT the Access 2007 runtime.  That part of the installation routine responds with the extremely helpful dialog "Installation of Access Runtime failed".  

Write access to the relevant drives doesn't seem to be an issue.  Have retried several time with the same result.  Have also tried downloading the Access Runtime directly to the machine in question from the Microsoft site with also the same issue.

Question: will the access 2007 runtime actually install on a Windows 2003 machine?  or is there likely to be another issue somewhere.

Thanks in advance
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Scott McDaniel (Microsoft Access MVP - EE MVE )Infotrakker SoftwareCommented:
The supported operating systems are Vista and XP Service Pack 2. There seem to be others who have gotten 2007 RT to run on Server 2003, however it would technically be in an unsupported environment (but then again so would installing to Windows 7, which is quite common).

Is this a Terminal Server setup, or does this user run Server 2003 as their operating system? I ask because it's not common for standard workstations to run Server operating systems, and in most cases there is no need to install the Access runtime on a server. This is a component typically installed on a workstation (but again - you may be dealing with something else).

You might check the Event logs to see what errors are reported there.

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