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Poster Shop Server Executable crashing

I have a Dell machine running Poster Shop version 6.5 for a sign shop.  The problem we're having is when we start the program, after the program attempts to connect to the server (on port 80, I assume to itself) the program server executable fails.

The machine as been restored to an earlier point in time, we've attempted a repair install with the original media, we've attempted swapping out the ram, and aren't getting anywhere.  The only event showing up in the event log is:

Faulting application postershop.exe version faulting module onxlib65.dll, version, fault address 0x00056c66.

I really have no idea where to go next, so any guidance would be greatly appreciated.
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Hi MrTopCat

I'm afraid that I know nothing about the "PosterShop" application you are using, but purely from a Windows aspect I would say that there are some things you first need to establish.

1. Is the file "onxlib65.dll" one that appears to have been installed by the application?
2. Is it in the program folder of the application or in a "system" folder?
3. Are there any other instances of the same DLL on the system drive?

It's not clear from what you have said whether you have actually uninstalled and reinstalled "Poster Shop", or whether you are referring to a repair install of the Operating System (what OS is in use?).

The first thing I would do is locate "onxlib65.dll" and see if it can be re-registered using the REGSVR32 command like this:

regsvr32 "C:\Path_To\onxlib65.dll"

If it does not give an error message about not being able to register it that way, and if that doesn't fix the issue, then perhaps first UNregister it and then RE-register it:

regsvr32 /u "C:\Path_To\onxlib65.dll"
regsvr32 "C:\Path_To\onxlib65.dll"

Are you referring to PosterShop by Onyx Graphics Inc?:

I can't get into their support pages without registering, but found this via a google cached page that tends to imply the software is pretty much restricted to one program folder containing all of its resource files:

I did find what seems to be an active discussion forum where members are willing to share original installation CDs for older products where they are no longer available from Onyx or a re-seller:


If no experts here are acquainted with the application, then perhaps the forum will find users of it who have resolved the same problem as yours.

Looking at your question again, you said:
"we've attempted swapping out the ram".
Is it fair to assume that you DID swap the RAM, but that it didn't resolve things?

Have you run a memory test on the computer?

Download the appropriate *.ISO disc image, burn a bootable CD, and boot the PC to it.  Run enhanced diagnostics.

Download the executable and double-click it.  Either create a bootable floppy or extract the *.ISO when prompted and burn a bootable CD using that.
MrTopCatAuthor Commented:
We did end up swapping out the ram, and unfortunately no, that was the only copy of the DLL on the drive.  I didn't think of trying to register the DLL, but we did install the upgrade of the software, which mostly fixed our problems.  After we upgraded there were a lot of permissions problems, but nothing I couldn't handle, and it took care of the one issue I was stuck on.  

Thank you MrTopCat.  Glad you got it sorted out.
youssef bouzidaCommented:
 i have Hp designjet 9000s and the onyx postershop 7.
the problem that i have is that when i want print somthing i have this msg dll is not found and i have this msg 'errors * 4 the printer is horeline.

Please could you help me to know what can i do wuth thses problems ?

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