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How to display a new website with a new company without touching any old setting

mk50 asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-05-11
Thanks for previous answers to my questions. Another question.

I have a domain name, say www.abc.com, with one hosting company(refer it as HA later).

Now I get another company (refer it as HB later) to design a new website for me for www.abc.com.  But this new company needs to host www.abc.com for me to give me the content management system to work on.  I hesitate to transfer the domain management from HA to HB because I have set up a few things with HA.  I don't want to reset up again.  So I suggest that when people type www.abc.com, it can redirect to another address, which mean it will redirect to another domain.

But HB says that I don't need to get another domain.  People can just type "WWW.ABC.COM", and then a new website will appear.  I can still use all my original set up.  

My question is how this can be done.      
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What is set up on your old host that you don't want to transfer? It is possible and common to have different servers handle different tasks. For example, to direct web traffic to one server and email traffic to another.


Does it mean that my website can be displayed via one server.  And then I can work on the website contents on the new server.  Emails and other things can be still on the old server.  That's cool.

In fact, I don't really know what I don't want to transfer.  I guess I am used to the facillity that the old company provides.  I feel I just want to leave as it is and don't touch existing environment.

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Ok, Thanks.

I don't have much skills as far as web is concerned.  Im sort of familiar with the old set up.  So hope I don't need to change much stuff in order to get a new website with a new web builder.

Could you please tell me how to do the following:

If you want visitors to yourdomain.com to see your old site while you work on the new site up,   you     can accomplish this.

If you want all vistiors to yourdomain.com to see your new site but you want all of your email to be handled by your old server, this can be done, too.

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