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PluginLabs out of business?

DrByte234 asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-05-11
I reinstalled the pluginlabs horizontal and vertical menu extension but cannot find where to enter the key to unlock the extension. It prompts me to enter my user name and email but cannot connect to the pluginlab website for authorization.
Is pluginlabs out of business? Their website appears to be GONE .....
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Jason C. LevineDon't talk to me.

That's a pretty good indication that they've gone out of business.  You might be screwed.


Thanks Jason: I agree about the indication, however many companies are sold or aquired by others who still honor or support their client base. I continue to keep this question open in case someone actually knows the status of the company.
Thank you again for your opinion.
Jason C. LevineDon't talk to me.

It's less of an opinion and more of a educated guess.  That site's been offline for months now.


Thank you for your educated guess. I will continue to seek a definitive answer to the question regarding the status of the company. I do know that their domain name is still reserved and was last modified in October of 2008, The registrant for the domain is:

Stats Limited
PO Box 392
London, Surry SW19 5JJ

Last Updated on: 02-OCT-08

Stats Limited, however, is not registered in the UK or listed as dissolved.
I may be interested in purchasing the rights to their products.

I think they are off. Read what happened to this guy. He bought the extension and cant activate it because they are off. Very very sad.


You should also read this comment found here

Michaeltm 04-Dec-10

I think it's important to advise anyone thinking of purchasing any of these plugins from PluginLabs. (Don’t)Please be advised that I didn't do my homework and upgraded my plugins to what seemed like the latest versions. Soon after I read about people’s concerns that the product was dead in the water and decided to email the company to ask if they were going to be updating or supporting the products. This is the reply I received from the ticket I sent in on the 1st of July 2010.(Got the reply on the 7th)

“Due to some technical issues I could not reply to you earlier. I sincerely apologize for this delay. Currently PluginLab is comprehensively improving its products (updates for windows 7,Expression Web 3 and 4 are getting ready new options such as mobile device optimization, touch screen support, etc are being added). You'll be able to upgrade in the shortest time. If you need any assistance, just let us know.
Best regards,

Anyways that was July 7th and still nothing.
Pretty sure I was scammed into waiting till my 30 day money back guarantee was up.
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Not for lack of trying, those who responded offered their opinions and observations. Unfortunately no facts were available as to the situation with PluginLabs other than they claimed to have a goal of re-appearing after they upgraded the plugins and then dropped off the map.
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