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looking for download ubuntu virtual latest revision on my laptop without ISO file

Could someone please provide me right URL for download Ubuntu Virtual latest revision on my desktop running windows 7?

I was able to find URL where I need to have recordable CD to copy image, but I am looking for an option where I can download this image directly to my desktop or should be able to us FLASH drive.

Please help ASAP.

3 Solutions
If you mean ubuntu VMWare images ....


There are a lot of Ubuntu images there  ... pick the one that you want.

On www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu/download you will not only find the latest version of Ubuntu, but also several installation options (including USB Stick) To run Ubuntu in a virtual environment, get a virtualization product like VirtualBox (www.virtualbox.org). Once you have VirtualBox installed, link the Ubuntu ISO file to the virtual cd-rom drive. I hope this answers your question, if not please specify in detail what you're looking for.

1) Do you want to have an ubuntu installation as a virtual machine ? If yes, you need to get the installation iso file and install it in a virtual machine.

2) Do you know what a virtual machine is and how to create one ? If not, check on the web any tutorial about VMware (server version) or VirtualBox. These are names of virtualization software that :
- you can install on a windows 7 coputer
- allow you to create the virtual machine where you can install ubuntu

3) An iso installation file is enough to make an installation in a virtual machine. You don't need to burn it on a cd. You can use the image file directly in VMware or VirtualBox. Check any tutorial about how to do it.

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ikhan_1971Author Commented:

Hi Install Oracle VirtualBOXManager on my desktop windows7 and create one virtual server and configured it for Ubuntu Linux and having difficulty installing UBUNTU to this VirtualBox.

I opened the Oracle VirtualBox Manager GUI and click on start after inserting flash drive on my system and it keeps saying below error.

FATAL : NO bootable medium found ! system halted error.

Not sure what I am doing wrong here.

Please advice me as quickly as possible.


1) install the software (this seems done)
2) create the vm (virtual machine)(this seems done too)
3) before starting your vm, make sure you have set the vm's CD to be the ubuntu.iso image.
4) start the vm. It should directly boot on the iso image (the vm 'thinks' it is a cd).
5) install ubuntu...

I think you have missed something in step 3...

ikhan_1971Author Commented:
Thanks for help
ikhan_1971Author Commented:
this problem no longer exists.


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