NameSpace Error RPC server is unavailable

I installed a file server, setup my namespace server.  Then I deleted the namespace because it was wrong.  I changed the IP of this new DC and now I'm trying to initiate a new namespace and it keeps giving me an error for the namespace type.  "\\\networkdrives: The namespace cannot be queried.  The RPC server is unavailable".  Any ideas how to fix this?  I searched around and saw alot of items pointing to server 2003, not server 2008.

Server 2008 Standard SP2
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Andrew OakeleyConnect With a Mentor ConsultantCommented:
Is the IP Address of the server correct in DNS since you changed it?
this article has some information about checking DNS entries are correct in particular check the ""same as parent" A records in domain's forward lookup zone."
try flushing the cache.
Open a command prompt and type:
dfsutil cache domain flush
dfsutil cache referral flush
dfsutil cache provider flush
cmb991Author Commented:
Didn't work.  It only go to "Working: Validate input." Same error, The namespace cannot be queried.  The RPC server is unavailable.
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cmb991Author Commented:
Under my Replication tab, I have Domain System Volume and under that is blank.  Do I have to setup both servers prior to adding the Namespace?  I thought you could setup the Namespace first, then add your replication..
cmb991Author Commented:
I just setup my Domain System Volumes and it still didn't work.
cmb991Author Commented:
There is nothing in my error logs either.
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