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Hi all,
Im looking to set up a VPN between a couple of sites for personal use. My son who does not live with me and his friends play minecraft, mulltiplayer needs you to have the same network. they have played this fine with windows machines using logmein hamachi which is also free.

the server I have put the game on is a linux ubuntu. Im not great at linux but am learning it. I tried the linux beta version of logmein but had no luck.

dont mind paying for a good product, but wish to get this working so I can easily set up my son and his friends. if anyone knows of a good product to allow me application based VPN access which is secured and can hybrid between linux ubuntu and windows XP/7 systems please. Ubuntu is free and has lower overheads hence why I went with it.

Thanks again
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d3ath5tarConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You could use your ubuntu server to act as a vpn server, so your sites would connect directly to that. You're firewall on your DSL or Cable connection would need to allow vpn passthru.. or you could try openeing port 1723 and 47 TCP
... if it doesn't supoprt that you'll have to replace that.

If you want to replace your firewall and have your guys connect to that, you will need to find something that supports VPN connections directly to it. Although you looking at more than your average home firewall for that.

If you want it via ubuntu.. chek out this link;

There may be some slight variances depending on your ubuntu release, but it should get your where you need to be! :)

Rob WilliamsCommented:
The more expensive, but far more dependable and O/S independent solution is a site to site VPN using VPN routers such as a Cisco/Linksys RV042 or Netgear FVS318

With a site to site VPN there is a permanent tunnel established between each site making multi-site configurations seem seamless.
AncientsAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys,

I have invested 15 bucks on dyndns service, then configured the ddclient on my linux system. I had to configure my Cisco device and it worked. users dont need to kjnow my ip, only the dns assigned to my system.

Thanks though
AncientsAuthor Commented:
This put me in the right direction. I was after an application based solution.

Thanks all.

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