Question about the HP utilities installed on a new HP netbook

Hi, My father got a new netbook and gave it to me to remove all the crummy trial software they install into the OS. Usually I would uninstall most of the programs and give it back to the client  (with the assumption you can always redownload it if you realize you need it) but there are so many "HP" programs on this new netbook that  I am wondering if any are beneficial? (always hesitant to remove the software that is branded with the manufacturer but this is just crazy).

So lets look at what we have for HP programs (I am reading these from the :remove programs list)
HP quick web updater (REMOVED)
HP documentation (REMOVED)
HP media smart netflix (REMOVED)
HP movie store (REMOVED)
HP power manager
HP quick launch (even though there are no quick launch buttons on this netbook)
HP 3d drive guard
HP media smart movies and tv
HP media smart music
HP media smart photo
HP media smart start menu
HP media smart video
HP media smart webcam
HP setup
HP setup manager
HP software framework
HP support assistant
HP wireless assistant

(not to mention the other software trials they installed OTHER THEN HP)

The only HP software I am used of seeing are the following:

HP power manager (which I found in the past to be nothing more then a redesign of the same settings in the power options in the control panel) so usually would DELETE that one.

HP wireless assistant- most of the time its easier for windows to manage the wireless (I have seen a few computers who dont connect so easily when windows manages the wireless so in them rare cases  I would reinstall the manufacturer program for wireless management) but 9 times out of 10 I feel windows manages the wireless easier so i guess I will also DELETE that one.

What about the others? Does anyone know if ANY of them are good?

Makes me wonder if it would be quicker to reformat and reinstall with a clean version of 7 then it is to uninstall all the junk they include. Not to mention all the updates windows found. Just very frustrating to see the computer needs 80 software updates after connecting to the net. HP couldn't have included any of them 80 updates when they built the computer, yet they can bog it down with three different dvd playing software trials (even though the netbook doesnt even have a CD rom drive).

Not to get too off topic...its just so frustrating! So my main question is as follows: Is any of that HP stuff worth keeping?
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i would strongly prefer keeping wireless assistant for creating ad-hocs network on the fly and 3D drive guard.... although it depends if you want to configure your power options through HP power manager or windows power management.... but i would recommend the drive guard since HP has introduced an outstanding Drive Guard technology (which stops the hard drive while on move ... especially if its dropped or bumped) so as to secure it ... it contains 3D motion sensors to go with it so i suppose its software must be a + .... think about it
except HP power manager,HP wireless assistant you can uninstall all the above
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