How to enable the Mutile remote desktop session in windows server 2008 ?

When ever i  login to remote desktop client machine  got locked and i can only able to access the machine. Is there  any option to see the screen both ends ?
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If you are accessing mstsc with the /admin switch you are using the console (which would be one session).
Your second user could use mstsc without the /admin switch and that would be another session.

If you both want to see the same session, both mstsc to the server without the /admin, starting your own sessions, then in one of the session open a cmd prompt;

shadow x

Where x is the session number of the other user. You can then both see the same session remotely.

What is the OS of the client machine you are trying to remote to ?

Windows Server editions allows multiple simultaneous remote logins...however workstation versions (as most end users have) only allow for 1 session.

But Windows Terminal Services (Remote Desktop) does allow you to have multiple sessions. In fact, if you need to connect to the console session, Remote Desktop has to be started with the /console option.

There are also 3rd party tools that allow you to do that like RAdmin, VNC, TeamViewer, Remote Admin, Dameware ... and so on .... List is large :)

But .......... at some point Microsoft was going to implement this in SP2 for XP  but eventually pulled it back before the official release .... by "exploiting" termserv.dll ....

I would really recommended the below  (go for 3rd party apps) but if you wanna play with it in a lab environment try the exploit :)

If you wanna get concurrent sessions in Remote Desktop working, follow the steps below exactly and please make sure you back up your registry and dlls before. Detailed guide: 

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