MsAccess / Lost of local network connection between servers / windows server 2008

Posted on 2011-04-29
Last Modified: 2012-05-12
The configuration is :
MsAccess 2003
Access base (.mdb) is on a server Windows 2008 R2 Enterprise (files dedicated)
Users are connected with terminal server on 4 servers (virtual server) - I think it's a cloud of TS server
Msaccess.exe is installed on each TS Server

Sometimes , it happen that the link between msacces.exe and msacces.mdb is lost and the user got the message "error disk or error network"
Msacces continue to be opened with no access to tables.
When I say "sometimes", it is no problem during a week or many times in the afternoon on only one TS server or on 2 TS server.

One time, when the problem occured, I have tried to open a session on the TS Server where the user was connected with the problem.
I could not open the session on TS server and I got a message about a lost name in DNS cache and I was advised to use Ip adress rather than DNS name of server.
Perhaps an idea to understand what's happened ?

If you need more details on configuration
Thanks for answers

Patrick / France
Question by:patrickgermain
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    The error you're getting means what it says: You've lost the network connection between your FE (the forms, reports, etc) and the BackEnd (the tables).

    Do you mean you have 4 DIFFERENT virtual servers, each hosting a Terminal Server? If so, I can't see the need for this - can you allow all users on the same VM? If so, then can you install the BE on the same machine as the FE? This will take care of the network issues, and will generally give you a performance boost.

    Author Comment

    Thanks but it is too simple and not the answer I'm waiting
    My software is installed on the customer network (300 users) and i cannot change the organisation and choices !
    So i need to understand why, rather to change - I have already think to your proposal and I will use it if I don't find
    Also my FE and my Backend are not separated. It is only msaccess.exe which is on the TSE server.

    Author Comment

    I have then beginning of solution :
    I think taht the problem is coming from .ldb
    The situation was :
    2 users (me and another) are connected from a TSE server N4 with message of error disk or network
    1 user or more connected from a TSE server N5 - no problem on the same access.mdb

    If I kill the other msaccess process on N4 server --> N4 become OK to use access.mdb
    When the problem occurs, it's impossible to open msaccess
    or more simple , only create an empty database for example.

    It seems that there is a conflict in .ldb, but the error message is wrong under Win 2008

    Is somebody can help me ?
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    If the database is NOT split, then you've got some corruption going on. Have you created a new, blank database and imported everything to that new database? This generally solves corruption.

    Access will leave behing a lockfile (the .ldb file) if it abruptly ends. You can generally just delete that lockfile, and Access will restart. However, you should endeavor to determine why you're getting the error.

    Note also that 2008 Server seems to be quite troublesome with Access database files. There are many different suggestions to address the situation, but you'd need to determine the root cause of the issue. Have you checked the Event Log on the machine when you have those issues? That may give you more insight as to what's going on.

    <Also my FE and my Backend are not separated. It is only msaccess.exe which is on the TSE server.>

    msaccess.exe is the executable file that "runs" your database. Your database is a file with an .mdb/.mde extension. IN other words, you use msaccess.exe to "run" your .mdb file.

    Finally: Sharing a SINGLE database among different users is not the correct way to manage this, and will end up causing you nothing but trouble. I would strongly encourage you to split the database, and supply each of your users with a separate copy of the FrontEnd (the forms, reports, etc). All of those copies of the FE would be linked to the same BE (the Tables). I really cannot stress strongly enough how important this is.

    Author Comment

    To be clear, the are 3 cases :
    1 - WIN2008 or Win2003 - msaccess.exe and myapplication.mdb (not splited) on the same same 2008 server  --> no problem with a lot of users connected (TSE)
     2 - Windows server 2008 - msaccess.exe on TSE server and myapplication.mdb on another server (common file server or sql server) --> we get problems
    3 - Windows server 2003 - msaccess.exe on TSE server and myapplication.mdb on another server (common file server or sql server) --> no problem since many years
    So the problem is new with Windows Server 2008

    it's not a corruption of .mdb database because other user on another TSE server continue to work without problem or can load database.

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    As I said: Server 2008 is known to have issues with Access databases. Check this thread for possible fixes:

    Note that the Microsoft employee suggests splitting the database as well.

    Author Comment

    The links explained issue about request very slow and problem between Offce and Windows 2008
    But nothing about the file .ldb which contain the Access users connected and stay locked for other users , the only one who are connected on one specific tse servers .
    For example, TSE server N5 operate Ok and TSE Server N4 is blocked with , probably, a false error message  " Disk or network error"
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    Accepted Solution

    If you access database loses the connection abruptly, you will often get the "Disk or Network" error, and you will often find the lockfile to be left hanging. The only thing you can do is delete that lockfile, and allow Access to recreate it as needed. You cannot detect this, and you cannot respond to it (at least in a bound Access application). You can do things to reduce the likelihood of this occurring  (like splitting the database), but you cannot avoid it if your environment is prone to connectivity issues.

    Access users need at least Modify permissons on the folder hosting the database. They must be able to read/write/create/destroy files in that folder. This should help all users to be able to manage the lockfile, but it won't help you if you continue to have connectivity issues. Access will still create that file, and it'll be left hangin (and possibly locked) if Access loses connnectivity.

    Author Comment

    OK I understand
    The question is that happened in Windows 2008 R2 64 bits environment with multiple TSEservers and that don't happenned with one TSE server in 2008
    We will ask to the network manager to build a virtuel TSE server only to run Acces database and we will re create the same configuration that work good since many time

    Author Comment

    I got the solution
    The issue was DNS name lost sometimes whitout network reason
    I replaced computer name by its ip adresse in msaccess command line and it work fine
    Subject is closed
    Thanks for help

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