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Printers Disconnect

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Last Modified: 2012-05-11
I have a Windows XP box set-up as a print server for everyone in the building. Recently I have been having problems with printers randomly going offline. This all started when we installed 2 Server 2008 R2 servers. When the printers go offline I have tried removing the offline printer and adding it again, however I will get an error message saying the print server cannot accept any more connections. The only solution I have found is to restart the print server. At that point I can connect to add printers to client sessions and anyone's printer who was offline comes back online. What is also strange is printers will not go offline for everyone. One person will not be able to print while others can. Any ideas on what I can do to remedy this or at least track down a culprit?
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You can disable the SNMP poll check.
printer properties, under ports, configure port, uncheck the SNMP status enabled.
And see if the issue persists.

Are the printers network printers or are they directly attached Parallel/USB to the XP box??

using the server as a print server might be better since that will let you push printers using GPOs.
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I attached a doc with one example of a net session command run on the print server. One user/IP shows 6. Does that mean it is using 6 connections? PS1-Net-Session.doc


I really like the .bat file idea for a temporary solution; until we replace the print server with an actual server platoform. I started to make a .bat file but my knowlidge is somewhat limited. I would like to clear all connections every 30 minutes or so. With the net session \delete command it requires the user's input twice. How would I add to the .bat file to select Y and hit enter twice?

Took me a while, but I found that the following command will skip the prompts:

net session /delete /yes

Good luck.
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