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Free Open Source Network Monitoring tools

Does any one has the comparison of open source network monitoring tools like MRTG, Nagois, Catci etc.

Which is the best open source network monitoring tool?

1 Solution
Depends on what do you want to monitor. You cannot compare prtg/mrtg/cacti with nagios.

Nagios is the most powerful tool in the monitoring industry. MNC's are running million/billion dollar business after developing nagios.

If you can do a little scripting Nagios would help and surely solve your purpose.

PRTG/MRTG is for bandwidth monitoring. Cacti is a more enhanced monitoring platform if you can customize it. You need to know a  bit of unix/linux for cacti.


Like was said above, they are different tools for different jobs.

You can monitor a network with wireshare/tcpdump for low level monitoring.

You can monitor traffic with ntop to see the usage of the different pcs.

MRTG uses snmp to monitor traffic through switches and routers (IIRC)

Cacti is a more generic snmp monitoring/graphing tool that can graph anything able to be monitored with snmp.

Nagios is not only monitoring, but can activate events on trouble found to try to resolve problems.

It all depends on *what* you want to do and *how much effort* you want to put in.
we recently migrated our historical and rt monitoring mrtg->cacti.
we found cacti much more flexible and easier to modify the mrtg.
use use zabbix for alerts.
even though each tool can do both, we decided to use both, each for what it does best.

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