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Moving Outlook Categories from Outlook 2007 on one comuter to Outlook 2010 on another

to2007 asked
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Last Modified: 2012-05-11
We have been using Outlook 2007 and popping mail from ISP.  We are moving to new WIndows 7 Pro 64 bit copmputers and also Office 2010 64 bit.   IN order to move the Outlook info for each user we copied the Outlook 2007 PST file from their old computer to new Win 7 Pro computers and then imported everything into a new Outlook 2010 account. Everything was there except the many categories each person had created.

Is there a new simple method to get the categories from OUtlook 2007 to OUtlook 2010?

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outlook freeware has utilities for this: http://www.outlookfreeware.com/en/products/categories


went there and downloaded.  Seem to exported categories from Outlook 2007 on one desktop running XP Pro SP3 32 bit.  Copy file, it created an xml file,  to anouter desktop runing WIn 7 Pro  64 bit.  Both OUtlooks in this case are 2007 and 32 bit.  WHen ran the import util/addin  it gavbe me an error mesage  
"system could not update Master Category List"

Any thoughts?  i am doin this first on the desktop and then will be doing on notebook with Win & Pro 64 bit and Outlook 201o,  64bit

are there any other tools you know of
In the registry, the path for categories in outlook 2007 is typically:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Office12.0 \ Outlook \ Categories \

If you export that key, then go to the new machine and re-import the key, you should see all of your categories there.


ok but I thought i had read some place that the master categoy list  Outlook 2007 and 2010 is no longer saved in the registry.

Are you sure this is caorrect? i know that at least 2010  doesn't store in the registry  according to tech notes i have read so even if 2007 does they won't appear in 2010 when import into the Win 7 registry will they?

Plus what is the deal with this silly utility mentionedd previously that doesn't seem to work? I must be doing something wrong?


also i checked in one of the XP pro desktops just now and the is not a listing in registry for

HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Office12.0 \ Outlook \ Categories \

there is a path as follows

HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Office \ 12.0 \ Outlook \

no categories  entry but i see al the categories in the Outlook 2007 on that coputer fro inside Outlook???
If you're still looking, slipstick links to a tool called "category importer" (also exports).

http://www.mcgrathtechnology.com/gsc (scroll down a bit)
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A happy ending


I found i much simpler way to transfer categories by googling around and searching Microsoft pages
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