VMWare View 4 proof of concept performance tools

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We're currently in the process of running a PoC for VMWare View 4 VDI.

I'm been searching but haven't found much on the best monitoring practices of this technology.
Here is what I'd like to monitor:
   View 4 host
   Linked clone VM's
   Cisco 1140AP's
   Thinapp usage/performance hits
   Guest wireless VLAN
Thanks experts. Please answer what you can and I will assign points accordingly.
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Much of what you need to monitor, is monitoring performance of your ESX hosts that host the "VDI desktops"

Veeam Monitor will give you the best performance metrics and graphs from an ESX host.

Veeam Monitor and Reporting can be downloaded as a free version, or upgraded to a full version.


I've compared Veeam Monitor and Reporting, vForglight and vKernel here in this solution, and explain my thoughts on selecting each product, and product strnegths and weaknesses.


Also other good tools for monitoring are

Nagios: http://www.nagios.org/
PRTG: http://www.paessler.com/prtg
Opmanager: http://www.manageengine.com/datacenter-and-server-management.html

another EE question with a long list of Monitoring Tools are here


I'm not sure also if you've read this article on VMware View 4.5 Implementation


Any further questions, please let me know, what items you would like to monitor.

Do you currently manage a virtual environment using VMware ESX to manage Servers?


Awesome. Thank-you for your detailed knowledge and support.
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