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Internet Explorer -- "Detail View" during file selection ?

Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-12-08
My "Windows Explorer" is set to
ALWAYS display in "Detail View" mode.

How can I also set the below Internet Explorer
screen to ALWAYS display in "Detail View" mode ?

Currently I have to manually change
it in Internet Explorer each time.
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XP doesn't have a way to change this behavior.  There are some 3rd party tools that do allow you to change this.  One of these is called FileOpenPatcher which appears to be free and claims to do exactly what you want.  http://www.netcult.ch/elmue/ElmueSoft-en.htm

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Mustafa L. McLinnSystems Engineer/Systems Administrator

You actually can set it. Because I'm the same way I really don't like the other views..

1. set your window to detail view   (View/Details)
2.then tell them all to do it like you just did it (tools/Folder options/view APPLY TO ALL FOLDERS)

that should do it... till something changes it... but that's the best way to make it the De facto window..

That works for default folder views but not for the Open/Save dialogs in XP
This can be done by applying a registery Fix. Which i did long time ago can not exactly remember which Value it was but i have found a link to the same issue


Please try this and this should resolve the issue for you.
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