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tmp files in network share

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Last Modified: 2012-05-11
I have a network file share which has the following base permissions:
Creator Owner - Full
*security* group - read, execute, write
System - Full
Admins - Full

We are constantly having Excel 2007 creating TMP files in there which are not being automatically deleted.  Any idea what permission I am missing that is not allowing these TMP files to be deleted?

The file server is Windows Server 2008 R2.
I have checked the individual files and they do show the "Owner" as having 'full permission' to that file.
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indexing via the server itself or from the client PC's?

If from the Server - is there a way to index without having this problem?

You might look at this answer here: http://serverfault.com/questions/28209/why-am-i-getting-file-in-use-by-another-user-and-application-sharing-violation
It will explain it alot better than I and gives some possible reilief to your situation
TracyVBA Developer

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I believe Lazaurs98 identified the issue but have, as of yet, been unable to get it tested.  I haven't given points to him yet for that reason, but don't want to deny the points because I've been unable to test.

americanelder… It's appreciated, please test when you can, it wont take very long really.


indexing does appear to have been a culprit.  We had files being brought over from an existing file server, so it wasn't just new items.  Once an initial index was done, it appears that this issue happened less often (though it would still occur).

americaneldercare, is that a fix for you then, or was it only partial? I'm not sure from your comment.


Sorry for the very long delay with this.  It appears to be a partial answer at least on the server side.  I have 12 branches running on this new file server and adjusting the indexer to ignore TMP files has resolved it for 11/12.  However, one of our branches still seems effected.

They are the only branch that doesn't use a terminal server - but the corporate office also doesn't use a terminal server and does not have these issues.

So the Search Indexer appears to have resolved 90% of the issue.  The last 10% I am still looking into - though it could be related to virus scan or indexer on those local computers.  


Instead of turning indexing off entirely - I added TMP files to the 'do not index' list.
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