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I am running SharePoint 2010 and I have a list with several content types. The list is being listed in the Quick Launch menu. When I open the list then I have the 'Add new item' link which I would like to remove.

So I found these instructions:

So within Sharepoint I do the following:

1. In the ribbon I click on the 'List' tab.

2. Then I click on the drop down menu 'Form Web Part' and then on  'Default Display Form'.

3. I then click the arrow on the right top of the webpart and I choose 'Edit Web Part'

No matter in what section I look I am not able to find the toolbar section.

What am I doing wong?

Thank you
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You can edit those pages too. Visit the list, select the right view and click edit page in site actions.
Then you're able to edit the list webpart.

Every list/library view is a page in SharePoint with the list webpart on it.
If you have the list as a webpart on a page, you can simply click in the right above corner the arrow to dropdown the menu and select "edit webpart". Once clicked you will get a menu on the right where you can modify the webpart settings. (not the list settings). There you can also specify the toolbar type.

Specify no toolbar and click OK.
Mc2102Author Commented:
Unfortunately that does not work for me because I did not add this webpart in to a page. It is the default one you see when you open a list.
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Mc2102Author Commented:
See the screenshot below. I am on the top level site if the team site and I added a list. I do not want to see the 'Add new item' link.

I tried to change it as described above but I do not see the toolbar section.

do you have a site actions menu with edit page button? By default in the left upper corner.
Mc2102Author Commented:
Works perfect. That is exactly what I wanted.
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