What Impact does disabling Simple File Sharing Have on a Domain Controller

We are in the process of deploying a agent on all systems; however, a hurdle that we have run into is "Simple File Sharing." There are three ways to disable "Simple File Sharing":  1) User Disabling Simple File Sharing if they have been granted Local Admin Rights: 2) via user login script; or 3) via chaning the Simple File Sharing on a DC and pushing out the changes with a gpupdate. Question is, is it safe to disable simple file sharing on a DC? Or is it better to disabling Simple File Sharing via script?
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as comphil said disabling Simple File Sharing can only be done on XP OS and I have not encountered any issues when disabling it.

The following KB has a section at the bottom of the article titled - this explains some of the behaviour associated with Simple File Sharing
Advanced troubleshooting for configuring file sharing in Windows XP


Simple file sharing is disabled by default on XP Pro clients joined to a domain.


I have never seen simple file sharing on a server OS.
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