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Why does Microsoft Exchange force the Alias to be 'FirstName Initial' then Last Name for teh E-mail address.

Pkafkas asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-05-11

We have been using Microsoft Exchange 2007 for a little bit more than 1 year and this is the first time that I have come across this problem.  It’s not a big problem; but, I am afraid that it might be in the future.

At our company, we have Exchange setup/create email addresses to be 'First Initial' + 'LastName' (John Smith = Jsmith@domain.org).  Now, we have a new user, that I just created.  Lets say his name is 'Jason Smith' (Logon Jsmith); however, we already have another user named 'John Smith' (Logon 'Jsmith').  Hence there is a duplicate.  

What I tried to do is setup the new user with a logon of 'SmithJ' in Active Directory and that worked for his network logon  However, Exchange still set him up with an email of 'Jsmith2@domain.org).  Now, if I send the new user and e-mail it works; but, I must use the 'Jsmith2@domain.org' email address.  

This particular situation is not critical; however, this duplicate username situation may arise again.  My question is what can I do to force an email address to be different and not force a user to use an email address such as ‘Jsmith2@domain.org’ ?

What can I do to make 'SmithJ@domain.org' work, on a case by case basis?  Or any other suggestions?

 Outlook Properties.
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PkafkasNetwork Engineer


Will that be for everyone going forward?  So, If Iwanted the old way back (Automatically 'First Initial + Last Name) I could just check that box again, whne I was finished creating the new user and things wold be back to normal?
PkafkasNetwork Engineer


Oh, I see.

 Uncheck box then edit
Uncheck th ebox, for this user.  Then edit the changes and there you are.

This worked very well.
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