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Remotely Manage a Wireless Router Through Qwest DSL Modem

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Last Modified: 2012-06-21
Hello Experts!

I have a Qwest DSL Modem (ActionTech M1000) and a LinkSys Wireless Router. I would like to remotely turn on and off the wireless from time to time.

I have a static IP's for the Linksys Wireless Router. And when I'm on the LAN, this connects my direct to the Linksys, however when I'm outside of the WAN, using the static IP takes me to the ActionTec modem.

Anyone know what passthrough or routing setting on this ActionTec would allow me to access the Linksys through the actiontec from outside the LAN?
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If you check out this link it appears that Qwest does not want you to modify the router, scroll down and check out the alternate configuration manual. http://www.actiontec.com/support/product_details.php?pid=38

Does the Qwest DSL Actiontech device have a coaxial (Cable TV) type of connection?  Or is it just a straight Ethernet connection?

Because you should be able to set the Actiontech up as a bridged connection which just acts as a pass through device to the Linksys and then the Linksys router has to be configured for your WAN (Qwest) ISP settings.   This way when you access your WAN IP address remotely it should take you directly to the Linksys.


It's DSL, so phone line in. The Linksys will not be able to be setup with the WAN ISP settings.

Since the Modem has a static IP, and the router has a static IP (both from Qwest), I thought I could just set Port Forwarding or something for this ... but my brain is a little slow today, and the settings I;m trying dont seem to work. :-)
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Ahh, I think I see. I'm going to see if I can get the username and password for the PPPoE connection and try it out. WIll report back shortly.


Found out that this modem had a $30 addon for wireless which was still available at a local BBY. THis works better. :-)

Thanks for your help!
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