Exchange 2007 STORAGE GROUPS

Hi we have over 200 users and i need to move 30 users from one storage group to another

Whats the best way around it

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Joseph DalyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes ctrl+clicking the user accounts will work then you can right click move.
Joseph DalyCommented:
Do you already have the second storage group configured? Do you already have the DB and Log file locations set? If you already have those items created and set its pretty simple to move the users through the EMC.

Alll you would need to do is select the users either individually or as a group and right click and select move move mailbox. This will bring up the GUI to all you to select which DB to move them too.

You can do individual mailboxes without affecting any other users. Just make sure the user is closed out of outlook before you move their mailbox.
Hello,  you should be able to simple select the users you want in the mailbox container and right click move. Do they belong to a certain group? you can try doing a search by group then selecting the results and right click move.
happyexchangeAuthor Commented:
How can i select those 30 mailboxes which need moving.  Is it just a simple case putting my finger on the ctrl button and go through the list.

Is there a easy way.

All databses are set up
It should be that simple or if they are already in a convinient group you can search by the group. :)
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