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IMAP and POP Sent Items

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Last Modified: 2012-08-14
I need some urgent advice. I have a client who was being blackmailed by their old IT person. They had IMAP accounts. The person threatened to delete their emails if they did not pay. This is a true. They paid. So, I was asked to help.

I asked for the POP and IMAP details so I could download their emails as PST files. For whatever reason the Sent Items did not download under POP or IMAP. This is now worrying because as far as I know Sent Items should download under POP.

Can anyone please advise.

On a separate note, the old IT person had some people set-up on Thunderbird and others on Outlook. The email accounts on Thunderbird are no longer connected to IMAP mail server. However, we can read the Inbox items but the Sent Items are blank. Is there anyway for us to get or download the Sent Items. We no longer have access to the IMAP mail server and I am not sure even after paying the ransom if they will give us access again.  
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I would start by alerting the ISP and maybe the police. And make sure the previous IT person is aware of that.

POP won't download sent items as it only deals with inbox.  The client programs (Outlook, Thunderbird) may be defining the folder to store sent items as somewhere other than exactly where you expect.  Check that you are "subscribing" to all the possible folders and see if you have perhaps "Sent" and "Sent Items" folders.
You say you no longer have access to the IMAP server but I think that is crucial.  I assume you know who the ISP / host is (it isn't this rogue IT person's home PC is it?)  You need to talk to them urgently.


The client was totally trusting. They were naive. The mail hosting was in his name not in the clients name. Will the IMAP download the Sent Items.

I have looked at both clients Outlook and Thunderbird and I can see the Sent Items. I can even see the emails with their headings but they open as blank with no content. How can we get hold of the Sent Items emails.


I know who the hosting company is, it's hostmonster. We have already had conversations with them. There is nothing they can do as the account is in the persons name.
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It says the username or password is invalid. It requires that to connect.

Can you please confirm that I should be able to download teh sent items via IMAP if I can't do it via POP.
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