Word documents say downloading instead of opening and they hang.

I have documents that are on the server (T:\) drive.  When I try to open them, they occasionally hang for up to 10 minutes.  the dialogue box says it is downloading the document, not opening.
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Brian GeeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
<<We re-installed office.>>

Did that resolve the issue for you or does it still persist even after reinstall?
Brian GeeCommented:
How are you accessing the document? From Word using the Open command or are you double-clicking the Word document icon in T: to open it? Or are you using an Intranet link?

As for generic troubleshooting, I would suggest dropping the T: drive mapping and then re-adding it to see if performance is improved.
jwmorgan77Author Commented:
We have tried remapping the drive. We have the problem when directly double clicking on a file and from the file open command in word. We re-installed office.
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