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VOIP Using Sonicwall Enhanced OS

Last Modified: 2012-05-11
I am setting up a Sonicwall for VOIP. we are using a hosted voice solution and the company says they have POES that handle the traffic for VOIP. Right now we are having problems firing up the VOIP phone and I am wondering what I may have missed in the config
I have done the following
* I have enabled bandwidth management on the WAN
* I have set up NAT rules for VOIP traffic outlbound and inbound leading to the LAN subnets
* I have created an inbound Firewall rule for VOIP to and from any

When I check the firewall rule i see no attempted inbound traffic
When I check the inbound NAT rule i see no attempted inbound traffic
I do see alot of outbound traffic on the NAT rule

Any idea of what i could change the configuration to correct this?
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Top Expert 2010

Does the VOIP server internally have the proper gateway configured?


They can receive the VOIP traffic at the Call Host provider site. On the sonicwall traffic is going out. From what I was told there is no VOIP server internally


They can receive Traffic at the Host site but its not coming back to the phone on the internal LAN which sits behind a Sonicwall firewall. I see traffic statistics on the Outbound VOIP NAT Policy but not the inbound NAT Policy or the Firewall Access rule.
Top Expert 2010

OK, i had it backwards. Have a look at your log. If your sonicwall is dropping traffic wan to lan, then the log will show that. if true, then we need to look at your firwall rules.


it was an issue on the VOIP providers side. All is Well.
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Because I worked with the VOIP provider and found the solution with them
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