looking for flat file utility that displays character positions

I am creating a flat file by pulling data into a table via a query, then using the bcp command to pull it into a flat file.  My query adds the required spaces to each field.  But it was all done manually and prone to error.  I'm looking for a utility that loads the flat file and displays the data with starting/ending character positions.  Does that make sense?

If I was told that the last_name field should start on position 71 and should end on position 100, I need to verify that I've really done that.  

Is there a utility that can load my flat file and visually display the character positions of the data?  I would assume maybe a really good text editor would do this but I'm not aware of any and apparently not searching on the right terms in Google.

Thank you
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HainKurtSr. System AnalystCommented:
instead of using this

select 'HainKurt'

use this

select Left('HainKurt' + replicate(' ',20), 20)

in your query... so it will make sure it is 20 char in length padded with " " to the right...

or use

select CAST('HainKurt' as CHAR(20))

and then export it to flat file, then everything will be in place...

lottidahAuthor Commented:
Thank you, that is much easier!
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