Parallel Processing using SAS Connect

Hi all,

I have two steps in sequence as below

SQL code



drop table



data step

when I trigger the code the first step is taking so much time because of the instability in our database and the datastep after that is not executing till 1 is complete.

Is there any feature in sas where after the code is executed and comes to 1. It should execute independent of step 2  and step 2 should start executing without waiting for step 1.

I did some research online and found we can try sas connect with pipe function..

Can any one please help me on this.

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d507201Database Marketing ConsultantCommented:
You're right... SAS's MP/CONNECT could be a solution.  There are a few papers written on it.  Here are a couple that I did at SAS Conferences.  You might want to look at them in the order shown, from SUGI 25 to 27.  -- Introduction to Parallel Processing -- Introduction to MP/Connect, with some code -- Advanced MP/Connect technique
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