Installing Deep Freeze on client through Active Directory

How can I generate a login script so that the Deep Freeze client can be install on a workstation.

Assuming I have the install package on a network share

Network Install on Multiple computers

The Silent Install System can also be used to install Deep Freeze on multiple computers over a
network. If the workstations on the network use logon scripts, the scripts can be used to install
Deep Freeze on all networked workstations automatically. All workstations will restart Frozen
and ready for use after installation has completed.
Use the following command line syntaxes to create an install error report log file:

\\Server Name\Share Name\DFWks.exe /Install >> my.log

I am new to scripting and wonder how can I write a script to install DF from a network share.


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jawa29Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi tobe1424

This is the VBScript code to run an exe file.

You could add this as a boot-up script for the PC's, if that was the case then you'd probably want to check for an install then install if it wasn't present.
Let me know and I can guide you further.

Set oWSH = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
oWSH.Run "\\ServerName\ShareName\DFWks.exe /Install", , TRUE

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