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I would like to create a 2 minute animated video for display on YouTube.  It will involve moving pictures and text.  This is likely a one-time need, so I would like to find freeware or a low cost solution.  Here is what I want to end up with:

1. My logo fades into view, then it moves to the bottom of the screen and shrinks.
2. The top of the logo "opens up" like a door hinge and various short text phrases come out of the top of the logo to the top of the screen and grow in size.
3. Once the text is in place, a separate picture appears right below it.  
4. After a few seconds, the text and picture fade away and a new text string comes out ofthe logo.
5. This process repeats itself 6-8 times.  
6. It would be nice for text/picture combination for the picture to use a different transition.  In other words, one time it fades in, another it flies in from the right, etc.

I have Windows XP and Windows 7 PCs.  I already own Photoshop CS3 if that is any help.

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A V GeorgeAdditional General Manager (Communications and Public Relations), BHELCommented:
I think the easiest way for you to do this is the use MS Powerpoint where you can use the built-in animations and transitions between slides to do all that you have described.

After creating the animations, use timed transitions between slides to make the whole presentation run automatically from beginning to end.

Now all you need to do os to use a free screen capture software like CamStudio to screen capture the animation and even convert it to Flash which is YouTube compatible. Here is a link to CamStudio...

Good Luck!
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Simple GUI Flash generator
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