SQL login not working after XoSoft failover

We are replicating our SQL server database data using xoSoft Replication. While we were testing the failover scenario We noticed that data is replicated along with windows login but where ever we have SQl logins none of those logins work.

I thought it could be issue of SIDs and issued sp_change_users_login @Action='update_one', @UserNamePattern=, @LoginName=;

But still when i login using SQL logins I cannot access data.

Any idea how to fix this data?
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vrao19Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Found my mistake. I didnot had the SQL server under mixed mode..I know so dumb..but got resolved.
did you move the user at the server level?

if not you can do it like this:

if yes you can try to fix the SID assosiation by this command:

execute sp_change_users_login 'auto_fix', 'UserName'

if still not working let me know what's the error message.

vrao19Author Commented:
The xoSoft replicated the server level login. I have executed the above command and this is not fixing the problem.

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Racim BOUDJAKDJIDatabase Architect - Dba - Data ScientistCommented:
does xosoft support replicating database/object level priviledges replication.  If not, you'd better be using native SQL replication or database mirroring
vrao19Author Commented:
How will i know does xosoft support replicating database/object level priviledges replication?
Racim BOUDJAKDJIDatabase Architect - Dba - Data ScientistCommented:
I do not know.  I use only native replication.
vrao19Author Commented:
Sql server in Mixed mode
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