Exchange Search Indexer error

Exchange Search Indexer failed to enable the Mailbox Database username (GUID = 7e7a3dc8-6e9e-4eb9-8094-2781ee7fa568) after 1 tries. The last failure was: MapiExceptionMdbOffline:Unable to Get Catalog State

This is an error that shows up in Event Viewer on a database that is NOT mounted.  Is this normal behavior (error) or is something I can turn off so it does not error?
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If you navigate to the list of databases in the Exchange management console, does this database show as mounted? If not, either attempt to mounted or if the database is not used delete it.
I had a similar issue too. I just deleted the unmounted DB - the error message never came back and no problems surfaced. But the question is how and why that DB was created in the first place.
Please ignore my misplaced message. Sorry about this.
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