Creating A Domain Controller on a Rented Server in a Cloud Environment

I have a customer who is software developer and ERP system implementer.  They have rented a physical server from a well known cloud computing company.  They are asking that the server be a domain controller so that they can install a typical version of the ERP system so that they can do custom programming for the system.

After server was promoted to a domain controller, the DNS server does not allow the addition of service records.  I'm guessing that the DNS server thinks it belongs to the cloud company's network.

How can we "isolate" the local DNS server.
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Darius GhassemConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The in the TCP\IP properties you need to change the DNS settings to point to the IP address of the Domain Controller.

Then setup DNS Forwarders to point to the current DNS servers IP address in the TCP\IP settings
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