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Trouble assigning the value of an APEX item application

I have trouble assigning a value of an application item to a page item. I think it's something simple, but I just do not see. I am new to apex.

I'm using Apex 4.02, with oracleXE 11g

In my page CRUD_CASO create a after submit computation to assign value to F103_CASO

Computation Point: After Submit
Type: Item Value
Computation: P4_COD_CASO

On the page where I have the error I assign the value of the application item F103_CASO as follows. P6_COD_CASO is a primary key item

Page Item: P6_COD_CASO
Display as: Select List

Source Used: Always, replacing any existing values in session state
Source Type: application or page item name
Maintain session state: per session
Source value or expression: F103_CASO

Default Value: & F103_CASO.

when I press the Create button I get the following error message:

ORA-01400: can not insert NULL into ("ACTIO." ACT_COLABORADOR_X_CASO. "COD_CASO)

Any ideas?

Hector Cabrera
Hector Cabrera
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2 Solutions
George K.Commented:
It seems you are trying to insert a null value while this is not permitted.
I would first check and verify the actul content of  fields/vars / default values before assigning them.
Of course this is just theory, unfortunately I do not have a similar environmetn available to check it for you.

Also have im mind, that when you an application is created from a table with primary key, you should not expect Apex to have the ability to manage manage this column 's sequence.

You should add a trigger to handle this.
Hector CabreraAuthor Commented:
problem solved, change the "computation point" of "after submit" to "before regions" and everything works fine.

Hector CabreraAuthor Commented:
The problem waas the computation point.
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