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Hey there,

I want to advertise my website but I'm not at the point where I want to pay for marketing.  I found Google Adsense and signed up for an account.  It's a bit confusing to me in all honesty.  I went through the process of setting up an ad and got to the point where code was generated for me.  Good stuff...well sort of.

The ad doesn't is simply an advertisement for Google Adsense and it just displays the same ad all the time.  That's not the most confusing the heck to I add my own banner advertisement to the mix?  The closest I came was 'custom channels' but even that is seems to be a way to TRACK banner ads, not link to them.  

I have a Flash banner ad raring to go with no place to put it.  Bannermania was another option, but the ads are shady and the main site looks pretty ghetto so I'd like to stay away from that one.

Any help on this would be much appreciated!
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EirmanChief Operations ManagerCommented:
> Is AdWords just text-ads or does it support image and rich media like Flash as well?
I have no experience of the above but I know that it is possible .... I've seen the google adverts.

Try $5 a day for a week and make sure you have set up your adwords campaign correctly ....
(choose the geography correctly and make sure you have excluded very general searches that could call up your ad)

Your best bet is to explore and carefully study seo (search engine optimisation)

Optimise your site
Manually register/submit your website to the search engines ( is a must)
Get as many quality backlinks to your site as you can

This will eventually get your site on to page one of google searches at no cost to you.

Remember, google is not the web .. there are "free banner advertising" swap programs out there (search for"free banner advertising")
AdSence is a banner system that shows advertisements on your page that are normally rotated. From my experience the chances of your own ad showing up on the page is pretty slim. I've been working with it off and on and have yet to actually see one of my own adds show up on it.

The primary use for it is so that when people visit your site you get paid for when they click on what ever add is in the banner. Now if your looking to advertise at the same time you will have to you Google AdWords to be able to have your ad even have a chance of showing up in the system. At that point though the cost will out weigh what you get per click.
duder78Author Commented:
Oh, allright.  Well the fact that it isn't rotating is a little weird.  Would the fact that I'm using jQuery have something to do with that?

And AdWords....aren't those just textual ads?  I'd like to use a Flash-based banner advertisement for my own site.  I'll sign up and see what the deal is.  It's all free anyways right?
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duder78Author Commented:
Okay...the banners are rotating now which looks a bit better.  My primary concern still to I link to my own banner advertisements?  Do I have to pay for that or something?  If so, how do I determine the cost of it?  Just the fact that I can't find information on this leads me to think that posting my own advertisements for free just is not possible.  Can anyone confirm this for me?

The banners work the same way as the rotation in Adwords works, its a pay per click kind of thing. You can set it up but if some one is paying more they will get that spot. Makes it harder for some one to always maintain the top spot. I've yet to find a way to always reference your own though in the banners, if any one else knows though please step in.

I know its not the answer the your looking for sorry.
EirmanChief Operations ManagerCommented:
Adwords is where sellers pay (per click) to have their adverts displayed on various websites. If an advert is displayed on a website it is called an 'impression' and the adword customer does not pay unless someone actually clicks on the displayed advert. You cannot get your ads on the adwords network unless you pay google.

When you join adsense you are agreeing to display the above adword adverts on your website. You get a slice of the fee if someone clicks on an advert while they are on your site.

You don't get a free ad yourself. However if you were to use your earned adsense commission against adwords fees I suppose you could consider that as free advertising.
duder78Author Commented:
Eirman, what I get from your last comment is basically this : if you pay up front OR used your earned adsense commission, you can use that to pay for an AdWords campaign of your own.

That's all well and good, but I just don't get how the facilities are there for someone to insert AdSense code on your their websites to rotate OTHER peoples ads, but you're S.O.L regarding your own ads.

Is this some 'new world order' shenanigans or something?  I just want my damn ad in rotation with other people's ads!  I could care less how OFTEN it appears on other people's sites, but knowing it's possible and that is at least IN ROTATION would be nice.
duder78Author Commented:
Allright, I looked into AdWords briefly and understand the whole CPC deal.  I'll budge a little on my 'I-can't justify-paying-for-marketing' statement...I just can't pay TOO MUCH for advertising at this point.  I'm a student, I have debts, not substantial but I have them, and while I'm looking for work I have no income right now.

Realistically, I'm willing to spend perhaps a few dollars per day for advertising.  Think less than 5 bucks, ideally 1 or 2.  Of course this may change as my circumstance do but this is what it is.  I'm broke, have a fledgling business and I want to get the word out on the street here.

So having said that, I have a few more questions....what can I expect regarding cost for a CPC-type deal (per-click)?  What is a realistic per-day budget for an AdWords campaign(considering my current standing)?  Is AdWords just text-ads or does it support image and rich media like Flash as well?  

Thank you for the comment gentlemen!
duder78Author Commented:
Thanks.  I guess I could try 5 bucks a day for a week.  I was really excited when I stumbled upon Casale Media yesterday but I was a bit disappointed to see that you need a minimum of 25,000 hits per day (I think) to qualify for their advertising.  I'll keep looking for other free options.

I'll also manually submit my site to search engines.  Thanks for the help.
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