Outlook 2007 email template or signature problems

I want one thing out of my email template:  I want the signature I created (in HTML) to use the correct style at the top of the message pane, so that when I tab from the subject line into the message pane, I'm ready to start typing my message.

However, suddenly the formatting at the top of my message is the wrong font.  I've replaced the HTML signature, being sure to apply the style that I want (font, size, and line spacing after) all the way to the very top (I'm a conscientious user of the Show/Hide button, so I know where my paragraph marks are).  I've also edited the email template (EMAIL.OFT) to include the correct style. However, I still get the top two (of four) blank lines formatted as Times New Roman, and then the correct formatting (Arial) kicks in.  Anyone know what's going on?
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JavedtariqConnect With a Mentor Commented:
In > Tools >Options  Mail Format > Signature and Stationeries > Personal Stationary
Have you got any them selected ?
If yes Which One ?
Have you changed the font Replying or Forwarding Messages/New Email Message ?

Does this happens when you are creating a new Email or also when replying to an email ?
Brian GeeCommented:
I tested this and replicated what you were referencing.

This happens because the default font is Times New Roman in Word. The HTML format in Outlook references Word's default font set. Change the default font in Word to Arial (Format > Font > choose Arial > Default button) and then I closed Word and Outlook. Afterward, I had to create a new OFT file with the new update in mind and afterward, tabs all the way down in my new email remained Arial and no longer Times New Roman.
Glad that its sorted for you.
jknichlsnAuthor Commented:
thanks to both who replied; this answer was the easier solution to implement (didn't need to create new email template and shutdown/restart Word and Outlook).  Thanks to all.
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