Another C++ to Java conversion

Hall all

I need to convert this classes to Java code

bool SOMLAA::GetCellMembership(const ISOMCellFactory *TargetFactory, vector< vector<long> > *CellMembers) const

bool SOML::Initialize(const SOMSettings *InitSettings)


Thanks in Advnace
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  public boolean getCellMembership(ISOMCellFactory targetFactory, List<List<Long>> cellMembers) {

   public initialize(SOMSettings settings) {

you could probably make them abstract if you wanted
Side note, in C++ be aware the vector<> is a specific, concrete class, where in Java, List<> is an interface, so when you actually choose to migrate the types, you might want to use study the Java API to decide on Vector or ArrayList.

ZURINETAuthor Commented:
Thanks ..
You guys are great

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