Renaming user objects with cisco callmanager sync'd with AD?

We have CISCO call manager v8 synchronized via LDAP to our Microsoft Active Directory. We have a user object that is existing in the AD and would like to rename the object. I am know the userid must match in callmanager. Can we simply rename the AD user and force the a sync in call manager so it will update the object?
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José MéndezCommented:
Yes correct. Simply rename the user, make sure it contains a lastname because if not it won be imported into CM, and then go to System > LDAP > LDAP Directory > choose the directory where CM gets that user from and click on Perform Sync.

Note that previous user A will be deleted from the DB, and new user B will be imported. User A is the old user so to speak.

LDAP Directory Integration

Hope it helps
TNRDAuthor Commented:
Thank you. Very helpful documentation.
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