What are the things we can do to improve the performance of windows.
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EirmanChief Operations ManagerCommented:
Have a look a the headings on this page

"Advanced System Cleaning" & "Removing Windows Waste and Security Leaks"

are particularly useful
I would recommend to download a Windows Tweaker. there are quite few available on
The can help you in many ways
You don't say exactly what kind of problems you are having - it would be helpful to provide more details - like what version of windows, how much RAM your computer has, how full in your hard drive, etc..

If you have an older computer then adding RAM is going to be your best bet for improving performance.  I have found that 1GB is now the sweet spot for Windows XP - with Vista and Windows 7 needing 4GB to really run well.

Also, defragging your hard drive can help.

Another major thing that can help is to remove programs from your system startup.  You can tell if you may have too many unnecessary programs running at startup by the number of icons you see next to the time in the taskbar.  You can use a tool like msconfig to manage your startup programs.  You can remove most of the entries in the startup tab - but be sure to leave your security software entries.  If you find that you need a startup program back, you can restore it using msconfig as well.

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