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We're running mixed Exchange 2003/2007.

On our last 2003 server, we have Public Folder replicas still. These were originally for Business Units that needed the functionality, but we moved them all to Sharepoint ,so any data left is redundant. There are no user mailboxes left on the 2003 box either.

Is it possible just to delete these PF's? I can't see an option on how?
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Stelian StanNetwork AdministratorCommented:
Bill HerdeOwnerCommented:
There are several ways to go about it gracefully, a search on this forum will turn up several.  I have had to deal with this a couple times in just the last couple months, and will recommend the shotgun approach with a caveat.
You are sure you are taking out the last 2003 exchange server, and will never again want a public folder, then just get out adsiedit and remove the public folder. To quote another member,

"Akhater:if you don't care about the data the way to remove it is using adsiedit
run adsiedit.msc connect to the configuration partition
Service -> Microsoft Exchange -> Administrator Groups -> Exchange admin group(xxxx) find your server
expand the storage group find your PF db and delete it."

I will add to this, be sure you delete the CONTENTS of the public folder key, NOT THE ENTIRE KEY.
If you do you will forever have a red spot in your event logs looking for the missing key, and no, you will not be able to fix it without restoring AD. (the red spot does not hurt anything, but it's not professional.)

Once exchange is no longer looking for a public folder DB you will probably be able to proceed with decommisioning the server.
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