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The machine in work has two arrays, one is a raid 5 made of 3 disks, and an adaptec controller that reads OK, but writes slow. The other is a new raid 1+0 on a fake raid controller (software raid) with 4 disks, which performs about 5 times better on writes.  There are two virtual machines on the server, The first runs SQL, is about 100gb and it has been exported to and mounted on the faster array. The other VM is SBS2011, with everything that come with it, and is about 900gb, plus has 6 snapshots that need to merge.  Attempted to let merge run on the existing array, but in 6 hours, it only got to 8%!  Would like to copy the VM to the faster array and then let it merge there, but cannot stop the automatic merge when shutting down the VM.  Error says I do not have enough permissions.  Some research seems to lend the idea that the automatic cannot be stopped even by the admin, it just has to go.

What could be the possible consequences of shutting down hypervisor service, then move the files to the other array, start hypervisor which will probably complain it can't file it's files, then hopefully edit the settings to point the VM to it's new home.  Or perhaps just import from the new location and fire it up.

Anybody down this road before, your wisdom is eagerly anticipated.
Bill HerdeOwnerAsked:
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Svet PaperovIT ManagerCommented:
It won'n work. You cannot move the files to a new location and just point to them. You will have to go through a painful procedure of restoring a VM with snapshots. You need to let the merge go.

You could however do some tricks to speed it up:
- Fill up the volume with some junk data
- Extend it to the faster array
- Let the merge go

That way the merged data will be saved on the faster disks. Once you manage to merge and compact your VHDs you could export the machines and reparation your volumes. It's just an idea - I've never did it but, in theory, it should work.
Bill HerdeOwnerAuthor Commented:
Well there was no way to junk up 1.9tb so I just cleared it with the client and let it go. Started at 2:30 pm on friday, and completed at 7:42 pm on Sunday.  Oof!  Hey Microsoft, how about this happening as a background process?  (that is what your white sheet claims it to be.)  Thanks for the input guys.
Bill HerdeOwnerAuthor Commented:
Additional note:  Storage requirements reduced by 420gb!
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