i have laptop with windows 2000. I usually connect to remote database server using VPN since i am not on their network. i connect to VPN server first and then login to database server.

VPN server have issues and will be down for a while.

I need to go to a local site that is on the server LAN.

Would i be able to take my laptop and connect it to ethernet connection and log in directly.

I normally log in to laptop locally and not to a network. How would this work now.
I expect after i connect cable to their LAN to see windows domain and a login window.
would I see that or i need some special client software or setup for this.

can you advise?

I assume i would need a network account too in order to connect to the LAN too.
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Yes, even if you login to laptop locally, you will get the ip address, dns, gateway, etc from network, and then you can run putty and ssh to unix server as usual. So, you don't need to do anything special with windows/contriol panel, because it is very unlikely that network was configured with fixed IPs.

Yes, VPN login is most likely active only for their VPN server (even though it could be configured with a network login). So, just run putty to unix server and login with your DB server account.
After you connect cable to their LAN you may not see a login window. Depending on their network setup, you will probably only get an automatic IP address with DNS and gateway settings, which will not be visible on screen, but it will be enough for you to login to your database server as previously (when you connected via VPN).

Again, depending on their network setup you may get a window asking you for username and password when you try connecting to the database, so you can try entering your VPN username and password (or just your database username and password).
sam15Author Commented:
so even if i login to laptop locally, i will get the ip address, dns, gateway, etc from network?

and then i can run putty and ssh to unix server as usual. Do i need to do anything special with windows/contriol panel?

i think the VPN is only for VPN server. I do not think i have an account on their internal LAN.
I do have account on the DB server only.
sam15Author Commented:
Excellent answer.

It worked exactly like you descibed.
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