iPod Classic won't sync

I have and iPod Classic, 160GB.  It has worked fine until just recenctly, now it will not sync with iTunes.  When I plug it into the computer, iTunes sees it, but when I click sync, nothing happens.  I have done a soft reset, a hard reset and uninstalled and re-installed iTunes.  I can copy files to it though Windows Exlporer, but it will not sync.  Any ideas?

Sorry I post in the iPad zone, they don't seem to have an iPod zone.

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Try the following:

1. Try the hard reset 2 or 3 times in a row

2. If 1 does not work then try a hard reset with the iPod plugged in to a power source or computer

3. If that doesn't work then connect the iPod to iTunes and choose restore from the options for the iPod (the Restore button is under the check for update button in iTunes in the version section.
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