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I have two Servers.
Server1 (Windows 2003 Server 64bit) - DC, DNS, DHCP, Exchange 2007, Blackberry Enterprise Server Express.
Server2 (Windows 2003 Server 32bit) - DC, File Server, Print Server.

I want to move the DHCP and DNS Roles from Server1 to Server2.  DHCP should be easy.  Just remove from Server1 and setup on Server2.  Of course if anybody has any other suggestions about DHCP please let me know.
The issue is how do I go about moving DNS and all the records.  What is the best and easiest way to handle this.

Thank you.
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Leon FesterConnect With a Mentor Senior Solutions ArchitectCommented:
How to move your DHCP role.

Moving DNS is even more simple, providing that you've got Active Directory integrated DNS.
Install the DNS role on Server2
Wait for replication and you'll then have a secondary DNS server.
Change the neccessary scope options on your DHCP server, and change the NIC settings on your machines with static IP's.
Actually, unless you have a very small network and are willing to have some issues on day 1, you should migrate the DHCP database from one computer to the other.  Otherwise you'll have all your clients with existing DHCP-assigned information (like IP address), and they won't be in the database on the new server - which could lead to duplicate IP addresses on the network.

Here's an article on how to move DHCP:

jborensteinAuthor Commented:
Moving the DNS role is the most crucial thing I need help with right now.
It is a network with about 30-40 computers.
I read a little about the DHCP and I will be doing one of two things (worst case)
1.  Change the IP lease time to 1 hour.  That way every hour it will look to renew, so theoretically someone would be down no more than 1 hour.  Since I am doing it during non working hours it shouldn't be an issue.
2. Just go around to the computers and manually renew all the IP addresses.

Thanks for the help though.
hmarcbowerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
OK, try these steps:

Make Server2 a Global Catalog

Install DNS on Server2

On Server1, go to the Zone properties and ensure that it is set to replicate to All Domain Controllers.  Any Active-directory integrated zones will replicate after some amount of time.  If you have any secondary domains or non-AD-integrated domains, they will likely have to be set up manually (though there is a way to copy the zone files, it leaves behind some info.  If you wantto check that method out, look here:

Change the DNS server address on Server2 to itself.

Change the DNS server entry in DHCP to Server2

Remove the DNS role from Server1 (or, alternatively, you could leave it up as a second DNS server).

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