pivot table refresh not working in IE, but working in Firefox.

Posted on 2011-04-29
Last Modified: 2012-05-11
When I download an excel file with Pivot table from the html link in IE, I have data refresh issue (or Reference is not Valid issue). But I don't have problem in Firefox:

When I clicked the download, the browser will ask me "do you want to open or save this file", I choose open it directly, and the file is downloaded to the temp folder, and then I see the pivot table is blank. The refreshing doesn't work (I've selected the Pivot table option: Refresh data when opening the file).

But in Firefox, when I open it, the Pivot table is refreshed and everything is ok.

And even for IE, when I choose save as option to save it to desktop, then open it, everything is good too.

The only thing is when I open an excel file in IE, I will have refreshing not working issue for Pivot Table (no data shown in IE pages)

Any hint is appreciated. Thanks!
Question by:heyday2004
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    Accepted Solution

    Hi Heyday,

    Your problem is related to the Add-Ons on your IE browser

    Your pivot tables are not downloaded correctly because it seems that you don’t have MICROSOFT OFFICE CONTROL activeX control , and probably you don’t use an updated version of IE.

    To check for this , open the web site which contains the excel sheet with pivot table...
    Then go to IE browser ( Tools > Manage add-ons ) then check for the activeX name:MS office control.

    If you find it then we have to dig deeper , otherwise please check Microsoft support site to download it depend on your browser version.

    Hope it helps,

    Author Comment

    I did have this on the IE browser.

    Here is what I found but I dont know why:
    In IE, the file opened is saved in cache with some [] on the name, say, it could be saved as:
    document[1].xls And this causes problem. I could repeat this in my local desktop:
    1. for the same file with Pivot table: document.xls, when I renamed it with docuemtn[1].xls, when I refresh it, I will get errors (reference is not valid).But when I revised the name by removing [] sign, say, document.xls, I don't have any issue in refresh the pivot table data source. In Firefox, I guess the files in the cache don't have []?

    Thanks for any further hint.
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    Assisted Solution


    it’s true.  It appears that one hand of Microsoft doesn’t know what the other is doing.  I haven’t found a lot of hits on this but apparently both sides of this bug confirm its existence and both claim it’s not their problem.

    Microsoft Excel cannot find the references inside a pivot table that references the same workbook when opened from Internet Explorer

    Internet Explorer adds ‘[X]‘ to the end of the file name when storing the file in the IE temp folder, where X represents an incrementing integer based on the number of downloads of the same file, and the square brackets are illegal characters for file names in Windows
    Steps to reproduce:

    Browsing with Internet Explorer
    Clicking on a link to an Excel spreadsheet with a pivot table in it that references itself
    Clicking on "Open" rather than "Save"  :)
    The only solution I could think of was to write a VBA macro to rename the file and reattach all of the pivot tables.  I hope this saves someone else some trouble in the future.  When you think of me, think of me fondly :)

    Use the below code in your save worksheet even if has () it still can work ..

    ( You’ll have to add a reference to Microsoft VBScript Regular Expressions 5.5 or better. )

    Sub Auto_Open()
        Dim sFilename As String   ' the corrected filename
        Dim oASheet As Worksheet  ' the worksheet object
        Dim oPT As PivotTable     ' the pivot table object
        Dim sTempSource As String ' the pivot table temporary source variable
        Dim sNewRange As String   ' the new pivot table source variable
        Dim reg As New RegExp     ' a regular expression for matching wildcards
        Dim i As Integer          ' looping integer
        Dim j As Integer          ' looping integer
        ' Set a regex to test whether this is a temp spreadsheet from IE.
        ' Only a temp spreadsheet from IE will have square brackets in the filename.
        reg.Pattern = "[[\]]"
        If reg.Test(ActiveWorkbook.FullName) Then
            ' the temp filename has square brackets in it
            ' just a little message telling the user what's going on
            MsgBox "Renaming temp file and reattaching pivot tables..."
            ' The .Name property already has the brackets stripped out of it so
            ' we can build the new path using it and the .Path property.
            sFilename = ActiveWorkbook.Path & "\" & ActiveWorkbook.Name
            ' Now we save the file so that the assignment of source data to the
            ' pivot tables won't fail.
            ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs Filename:=sFilename
            ' The range for the pivot table requires a square bracket
            ' just before the file name so we rebuild the path, less the drive letter.
            sNewRange = Replace(ActiveWorkbook.Path, "C:", "") & "\[" & ActiveWorkbook.Name & "]"
            ' now set the regex for the tail end of the spreadsheet, including the trailing "]"
            reg.IgnoreCase = True
            reg.Pattern = ".*\.xls\]"
            ' now loop through all of the sheets looking for pivot tables
            For j = 1 To ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets.Count
                Set oASheet = ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets(j)
                ' now loop through any pivot tables on the worksheet
                For i = 1 To oASheet.PivotTables.Count
                    Set oPT = oASheet.PivotTables(i)
                    sTempSource = oPT.SourceData
                    ' go ahead and replace the invalid path with the new path
                    sTempSource = "'" & reg.Replace(sTempSource, sNewRange)
                    'oPT.PivotTableWizard SourceType:=xlDatabase, SourceData:=sTempSource
                    ' assign the new path to the sourcedata property
                    oPT.SourceData = sTempSource
                    ' release the object
                    Set oPT = Nothing
                Next i
                ' release the object
                Set oASheet = Nothing
            Next j
            ' Save the workbook, just to be thorough.
            ' Without saving a user would be able to close the workbook without saving
            ' and then open the workbook from the
            ' recent documents list and have broken pivot tables.
            ' Not a spreadsheet with square brackets in the filename
            'MsgBox "No renaming required"
        End If
    End Sub

    Tell me if you get stuck.
    Good luck

    Author Comment

    Thanks, here is what I did (i'm new to Macro):
    i pressed alt+F11 and entered the above content and saved the excel file. and when I opened the excel file, I got a warning: Macro is disabled, when I enabled it, I still got the reference is not valid error. How did you revise it to make it work? Thanks!
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    Assisted Solution


    No please create a Module first then paste the above code into it.
    Press Alt+ F11 > then right click on the left menu , where is sheet1 sheet2...etc.
    and select Insert > Module..

    Then paste the code, save and go to tools > References > and search for (((Mircosoft VBscript Regular Expressions 5.5 ))))) or better
    Then go back to your excel sheet and press Alt+F8 and run the macro :)

    Good luck.


    Author Comment

    Thanks a lot. Seems it requires users to enable Macros? I might have permission problem to enalbe Macro? Any other solutions that don't require security setting changes? Thanks.
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    Assisted Solution


    In your comments dated (((05/01/11 10:47 PM, ID: 35502871))))
    You said :
    [[[[[[[[when I opened the excel file, I got a warning: Macro is disabled, when I enabled it, I still ...]]]]]]]]
    So you had the permission to enable tthe macro first time, pls enable it again and check to give me the result.

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    Expert Comment

    thanks for the grade :)

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