Hello friends,,

My scenario is this

i have two domains(old and new).as of now iam in process of transferring all roles and data to the new domain. all r fine ok...good

but the problem i face is with dhcp.i exported the conf of dhcp from old server and put it on a win 2003 server in the new domain.i assigned the new gateway & new dhcp and changed the dns domain name on the dhcp in new server.i authorize the new dhcp server and unauthorised the old one...but the clients are not getting ip address from the new dhcp server .....

OK tried a lot of things

This is my situation now friends

The wireless clients are getting IP from the new dhcp server

Ip details for wireless network to

subnet mask is

Default gateway in the new dhcp is

Dns is

As for the Lan Clients they are not getting IP from the new DHCP Server

IP details for lan clients: to


gateway in the new dhcp is

dns is

Even when i assign static ip i get a message showing,the default gateway is not on the same segment that is defined by the ip address and the subnet mask.do you want to save this configuration??

After that i get a warning also

please help me guys..

thanks in advance
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Greg HejlPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
do you have ip helper on your router?

dhcp has a broadcast function - broadcasts from one segment have to be 'helped' onto another segment.
The gateway on LAN side should start with 10.2.34.* (not 10.2.32.*).
The adress should be probably the LAN IP of your router.
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riazambalathAuthor Commented:
OK...The gateway i use is the TMG Server
Azeem PatelSystem AdministartorCommented:
Do u have router and VLAN configuration ?

So if you have router and VLAN then

VLAN1 - Server Vlan  - All Servers including DHCP and DNS Server
VLAN3 - LAN Vlan

No you should have static route on router so VLAN2 and VLAN3 can communicate with VLAN1

Also you can try route add for 10.1.34.* subnet
It seems that "" is it's wireless IP. It will probably have a different IP for LAN interface (starting with 10.2.34.*).
riazambalathAuthor Commented:
Dear Azeem Patel

I have vlans configured
10.2.30-0-Student vlan area vlan
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
or change your subnet mask in both segments
riazambalathAuthor Commented:
Tried...nothing happening!!!

could any one of u friends help me by a teamviewer session..pls...
Azeem PatelSystem AdministartorCommented:
since WIFI devices are on same VLAN of Server VLAN hence they are able to get IP address.

I am sure there some routing to bee added on other VLAN.

On other VLAN add routing of GW for
riazambalathAuthor Commented:
Yes..i do have ip helper on my router...

i changed it from the old dhcp address to the new dhcp address...
Greg HejlPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
shark the dhcp server

see if dhcp requests from the other networks are hitting the server

does your dhcp server know the routes for your other subnets?

what happens when you ping from subnet to dhcp server?
riazambalathAuthor Commented:
Ok First of all thanks to all you friends...

Now i figured out something...

The dhcp works with the old DNS( address when i assign static ip on clients even if the gateway is,and they are able to access internet

But when i change the DNS to new server( the clients are not able to connect.....
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