windows server 2003 wont reboot after recent update

one server windows server 2003 enterprise sp2
we have wsus 3.0 on another server. After recent update server wont reboot we have to manually  hard shutdown the server. After starting the server there is not boot screen. Server is not getting started. We have to use last known good configuration menu to start the server. In last known good configuration menu there is no display. Also recent shared folders including printer removed from sharing.

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chakkoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Sounds like it.  The server reboots fine now?
you should be able to review the patches you uninstalled and try to find which one caused the problem.
Can you start in Safe mode.  Then find recent updates and uninstall those (your post indicates this problem came after installing updates, right?)

If Safe mode does not work then a restore is the next thing to try.

do you have a recent backup?

I would try to restore the system state first.  If that does not resolve the problem then a more complete restore can be tried.

Is this the only server you have?  is it a Domain controller?  Is it the only Domain Controller?
This will help you decide which way to restore.  If you have multiple domain controllers then a non-authoritative restore is probably what you want - but you need to consider your setup.

Here is some basic info on Restoring the System State (Active Directory in the article).

1.  Boot into Directory Services Restore Mode (like Safe Mode - it is at the same menu boot options screen as Last known good configuration or Safe Mode).
2.  If this is the only server or the only domain controller and your backup is recent then you can Choose to do an Authoritative Restore if you like.
3.  Restore the System State to the Original Location

Do you know which patch is causing the issue? Install the patches one by one and check. When you find it then check if there are any known issues with the patch. Find which files are getting updated by the patch.
Also check the log file of the patch in the C:\Windows folder and check for any errors.
The filename should be KBxxxxxx.log
HershAuthor Commented:
i removed the recent patches and problem resolved?

HershAuthor Commented:
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