copying files from XP to Windows 7 permissions

I copied files from a hard drive with XP to a folder on a Windows 7 machine so I could reload XP. I had to click to gain access to copy (normal). But the files copied like they were greyed out. They will open ok on the Win 7 machine & copy to a flash drive, but when the flash drive is inserted into the XP machine the files don't show inside the folders. The folder properties shows the correct size indicating the files are present, but opening the folder just gives a blank page. I've tried changing sharing, permissions, ownership. The files will open off the flash drive on the Win 7 machine.
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robertkennedyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It sounds like the hidden attribute could be set on the files, you could try running the following command to remove the hidden attribute if it is set on the files.

attrib -H E:\*

(where E:\ is the drive letter of your USB key)

You could also try changing the properties in Windows Explorer to show hidden files.
Albatross1953Author Commented:
The reason I'm reloading the XP machine is because it had Malware that prevented access to files through Explorer. They weren't visible there. I could see them ok by connecting through a USB harness to another PC. I removed the Malware while attached to the other machine (could not run program or System Restore on XP machine) but nothing changed except that the ad didn't pop up when booting.
Albatross1953Author Commented:
The command didn't work, but by removing the checkmark in the HIDDEN box on the subfolders everything worked. Thanks!
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