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Dear sir

I got question in Cisco ASA 5505 site to site config.

I got Cisco ASA in office site 1 and 2, site to site, working, now i want to connect one more site, site 3. After config the Cisco in site 3 with crypto and connections and hit apply, the ASDM freeze, i waited for 1-2 hours, still no response... Anyone know if this is normal?

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Istvan KalmarConnect With a Mentor Head of IT Security Division Commented:

I think it is a java error, please upgrade it to the latest version!

Best regards,
yeah I agree it does sound like a java issue.  What about creating the VPN tunnel through CLI?

Are you using same PC to configure all three ASA's?
Do you have same ASDM version on site 3 as it is on site 1 and 2?
Do all three ASA's use same ASA software version.
If not, you can copy the ASDM and ASA SW file from site 1 or 2 to ASA on site 3.

Using same software on all 3 locations will simplify management and configurations issues and streamline troubleshoot of issues.

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Handersson75Author Commented:
Thx for all the reply.
Well the site 1-2 using older ASDM and ASA version, but does it matter?
Yes it does.  As Istvan said, it is probably Java error so older ASDM is working OK with your current Java version, but newer ASDM version needs newer Java.

So you have two solutions: downgrade ASDM or upgrade Java. Either way it should fix the issue you are having.

Handersson75Author Commented:
Yes it was Java version, ikalmar was first right so the points go to him, thank you very much for the rest too.
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