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retrieve matrix from a linear array

Hi, i want to retrieve a 2D array from a linear array data

How do i do it? :)
2 Solutions
You need to know the dimensions of the 2D array first, and those could be constants.
Then you convert x & y to linear dimensions.

#define X_DIM 4
#define Y_DIM 4

int linear[X_DIM * Y_DIM];

So equivalent of matrix[x][y] would be:

linear[x + y * X_DIM]

Raheman M. AbdulCommented:
int linearArray[]={1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10, .............. };

const int rows=10;
const int columns=5;
int matrix2D[rows][columns];
int r=0;
int c=0;

for (int i=0;i<linearArray.length;i++)

    //get the next element of linear array into the next cell of 2D array


Hope this helps
How was the 2D array stored in the linear array data?
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If you know the size of both arrays, and these arrays are fixed, you can do some neat shortcutting
(taking the necessary tests and saftey checks first, of course)
typedef struct 
   int row[10];
   int col[5];

int array[] = {1,2,3,,9,10,11,..........};

// for a quick copy of the flat array into the 2D array
memcpy( &intArray, array, sizeof( array))

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> Hi, i want to retrieve a 2D array from a linear array data
> How do i do it?
Before you dive into writing code for this, tell us, whether you can do this manually?
If so, can you take an example and show us how you will do it?
Looking at your example, we can suggest you how to write the code.
VasconcelosAuthor Commented:
i already found a solution thanks to the first 2 answers, sorry for my delay :)
VasconcelosAuthor Commented:
thanks :)

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