Connect 3 servers toghether (windows 2003)


I have 3 servers which S1 located in UK and S2 located in USA and S3 located in Canada.
in all of servers i install RRAS and run with windows server 2003 standard.
is it possible for RRAS authentication and accounting in S2 and S3 connect to S1?
i.e i creat testuser1 on S1 and connect to S2 with user/password of account which created in S1.
i mean i creat user in S1 and for authentication other servers connect to S1.

Are there any way for this job? like active directory and... ?
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arnoldConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can setup site to site VPNs among the three (PPTP, L2TP, Ipsec);en-us;323441&x=11&y=3

Do you have firewalls through which these servers connect that you can use to setup site to site VPN.

To setup ipsec between two servers.

You can setup an ipsec policy between s1 and s2, s2 and s3 and s3 and s2.

Make sure they all use different LAN ips if you want the lan to lan access.
re-searcherAuthor Commented:
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